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Access Lists (ACL) are an essential part of network security, controlling input and output traffic, but as networks today are becoming more and more granular, nearly reaching user level (where traffic flows are defined per endpoint), the amount of ACLs that a given router must hold becomes increasingly high, and with it the task to manage such configuration becomes herculean.

Using data frames, traffic flows can be configured as a matrix of communication between endpoints, and pandas can be used to process this matrix and produce the resulting ACL configurations for each router.

Sample Network

Lets consider the topology diagram shown below…

Create a DevNet deployment


A few days ago, I was building a new Jenkins pipeline for a classic DevOps project, and it occurred to me that maybe Jenkins could also be a nice tool for DevNet deployments. Now, to those not familiar with the concept, it refers to the practice of programmatically configuring and managing networking devices (routers, switches…).

Traditionally, networking devices did not have APIs that were well suited for programming, and thus, most of the changes in the running configurations of the devices were done via the use of cli (command line interface). The problem with the cli, from the point of…


Vagrant is an automation program that makes provisioning virtual machines in your computer easier. The input into the program is a file called Vagrantfile that defines the virtual machine you want to deploy. A provider in the vagrant terminology refers to the hypervisor where you want the virtual machine to be deployed. In this case, I have used VirtualBox. You can use the links below to download them.

In a mac you can use a homebrew formula:

brew cask install vagrant
brew cask install virtualbox


In the file below, it is specified that we want a…

The story behind the cluster of LED lights sitting under my desk.

Rack of raspberry pi connected to switch

Truth be told, what is now a hobby, was born out of a professional necessity. I was involved in a project and needed to validate an architecture design that contained a cluster of MariaDB SQL databases, and so I started to ask myself how to test this in a lab.

I thought about AWS but I was already using all of their freebies on other small personal projects and did not feel like increasing my monthly bill. I also thought about deploying a set of virtual machines in my own laptop using VirtualBox, and to be honest, for the test…

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